Saturday, February 28, 2009

Party Lines Are Destroying Politics

Warning: Political viewpoints ahead. Proceed with caution, and please don't argue on my blog.

Today, Rush Limbaugh addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference. He was given several standing ovations, calling for the Republican Party to "take back" the white house in 2012 and again hoping for Obama's failure.

Limbaugh addresses the problems of bipartisanship, and I agree with him. The stimulus bill should have been a bipartisan effort and was not. Okay, you win. However, this sort of rally does NOT help his cause. He essentially garners support AGAINST the president, and talks about "taking back" control of the white house. How are these bipartisan viewpoints?

We're in an era where we need to trust our leaders. For too long, we've seen corruption in Washington, and I think the majority of Americans want an era of recovery. Someone to fix the problems in the government for everyone, not just Democrats or Republicans. I think a majority of Americans don't vote along party lines anyway. If there is a clear cut leader who stands out above his opponent, he should get the vote. I'm not saying this because I voted for Obama. I've been trying to learn as much as I could about every policy, conservative and liberal, that can be applied to this country. I think the best thing for everyone right now is keeping an open mind and selecting the right option. When you have people like Rush Limbaugh spoon-feeding propaganda, this will never get accomplished. This goes for Michael Moore, Ann Coulter, and all the media mudslingers. This country will NOT move forward with these people invoking hatred in people for the opposing viewpoint.

We need to stop arguing and start learning from each other. We need to stop trash talking. We need to open our minds instead of closing them off to others' opinions. This election may have alienated neo-conservatives, but I think it was a turning point for liberals and libertarians. We may have different viewpoints, but I think everyone wants the best for the country. I know there are a lot of conservatives that disagree with Limbaugh, evidenced by "How Radio Wrecks The Right," a pamphlet given out during the speech.

If the Republican party wants to be relevant in the future, they need to relate to the American people. I can't name ten people that voted for McCain. Every conservative friend I have voted for Ron Paul or didn't vote. There is a problem with the current state of the Republican party, and I believe it is arrogance, refusal to cooperate, and stubbornness. I'm angered with the selection of Rush Limbaugh as a keynote speaker at a Republican convention. If this is the current leader of your party, how long is it going to be before you "take back the white house?"

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  1. I don't think partisanship is necessarily any worse now than it was for the last 8 years. What we're seeing right now is the disintegration of the neo-con coalition and they're spouting all kinds of stupid shit, basically out of lack of anything else to do. It'd be a mistake to treat this as the way things usually work (not that they were much better before); eventually the dust will settle. I'd be shocked if the new Republican party was in any way libertarian though.

    The real problem is the way the media distributes its attention, and that's of course at least partially our fault for consuming what they broadcast. Every democratic or nominally democratic country in the world has infuriatingly stupid partisan lines, but not all of them have pundits like we do. This is only gonna get worse as a result of the economic crisis, not only because the economy is a good target for punditry, but because there's a media drought and this is the only stuff writers can do that makes money.

    Obama has been bending over backwards to bring the Republicans into the stimulus package, they're refusing. The bill has a lot more Republican concessions in it than people talk about (including the biggest middle-class tax cuts in like 30 years). It has a lot of shit in it too, but taken as a whole it gives more deference to conservative economic thought than anything Bush ever did. Polls show most Americans think the Republicans are being babies and wish that Obama would give up even trying to be bipartisan and just steamroll over them. If they don't clean up their acts soon they'll be out of the White House for a long time.