Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is the most loved and most hated holiday. Everyone either celebrates the fact that they have a significant other with extravagant dinners and bottles of wine, or sulks in self loathing and cheap beer. Personally, I have always been a victim of the latter. I've always been single for Valentine's Day, but this is pretty much the first time I'm pretty happy about that. My roommate April and her boyfriend went out for a four course meal in Manhattan with a $50 wine special. That's fine and all, but if you're unemployed in New York and eating bagels out of a dumpster to stay alive, you can't really celebrate Valentine's Day. There's not much room for romance in my wallet these days.

Since Drew and Bill are in the same boat, Bill decided to stay in New York until Sunday and spend Valentine's Day with us and Logic Pro. We finished another track in addition to "The Living" called "In Your Mother's Car" which was recorded with a better quality and mixed much more meticulously. Here are both songs available to stream, if you're interested:

The Living:

In Your Mother's Car:

I always have a great time playing with Bill and Drew. For those that don't know, the three of us played music together in 2003-2005 in Kill The Lights.

We were reckless, young, and energetic. People jumped into my drumset after every show. We broke guitars, drums, bones. It was pretty great, but pretty sloppy and destructive. Here's a video compilation followed by one of our old songs:

Credits For The Common Man

I Survived The Cicada Invasion But My Dog Didn't

And here we are about a year ago at Drew's birthday:

So Bill has gone, but Nate has returned. I am still jobless, but I am on a recording kick, so we may be pumping out songs for the next week or so. Life is great.


  1. Cool! for some reason I though you were in something Jazz and not so Refused-ee.

  2. Haha yeah. On drums, I want to be loud and fast. On saxophone though, I'd love to play jazz. Especially while I'm in New York.