Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thoughts on Girls, Bikes, and Garbage

A few totally unrelated points that I want to touch on from this past week...

1. Girls in bars are predatory. They stare you down, they're up front, and they all want to hook up. This is a great thing, of course, but I've always had a sort of reservation about meeting girls in bars. Something about me being drunk, or them being drunk, or the awkwardness that ensues after the first night we hang's just not appealing. The most appealing girl I've met so far in the city is the one I talked to at a sound design company about getting jobs in the city and working on tours and all of that. Anyway, I guess I'm just a bit overwhelmed at first. Bars are NOT like this in Penn State or Wilkes-Barre. Every girl is beautiful as well. The city is magnificent. And somehow, there are free drinks any night of the week if you look hard enough.

2. Biking the city is exhilarating. Riding 5th Avenue with traffic, you're right beside taxis and buses. You have to cut around the left sides of cars at intersections, because people will just turn right without signaling. If you hit someone's side view mirror, you better not stop or look back. The Williamsburg bridge is the biggest incline in the city, and the hardest ride in the winter. However, it has the best view of Manhattan, so it kind of makes up for it. Drew got a job as a bike messenger today, so at least one of us has an income. If it comes down to it, I might have to do this too.

3. Dumpster Diving is a lucrative hobby in Brooklyn. We came home with a dozen bagels the other night. We're going again in about thirty minutes. We need bread and produce. Hopefully we can minimize our grocery costs by simply finding out the right time to grab things. is a great site for this, as well as free bike workshops in Brooklyn!

4. If Nate and I can't get a job by the end of the week, desperate measures may have to be taken. We're thinking about jobs on a loading dock or working on a boat, sailing to Europe. Maybe washing skyscraper windows. The audio business is not booming these days. I've applied to over 100 places this month. No responses.

In any case, life is still great. Reading lots of books. Watching lots of movies. Listening to a lot of new music (Dirty Projectors are amazing!), writing lots of cover letters. It's just a waiting game, and I'm not in a bad place to be waiting.

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