Monday, January 5, 2009

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Brooklyn Day 5:

I've spent upwards of $150 in the first 5 days of living in New York. Drinks are all about $3-$5. Brunch is spectacular, but runs a hefty $15 (including the free Bloody Mary!). Hardware Stores, Laundromats, Fresh Produce, and Bike Stores are all around the corner. We've been out almost every night to a different bar in Brooklyn, and they're all pretty rad.

That said, let me tell you a bit about my neighborhood:

We all know Williamsburg, the hipster capital of the world. We are on the very very eastern edge of Williamsburg. You may have also heard of Bushwick, an up and coming neighborhood, which Nick Casaldi describes as having only $1 stores and bodegas. Apparently, there is a great bar called Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick that I am looking to check out soon. We are on the very northern edge of Bushwick. We aren't really a part of either neighborhood. We have a building near us that looks eerily similar to the Murray Complex in Wilkes-Barre. Everyone that has been living here or around here is in some way related to Wilkes-Barre, so we've been referring to our slice of New York as Wilkesburg. Who knows if that will catch on.

The Legion and Harefield Road are two bars near us. Harefield Road has the killer brunch. Legion is a great hole in the wall. Launchpads, if you will, for a night out. I enjoy both of them immensely.

Last night, Nick Casaldi took Drew, Brett, and I out to Bedford Ave. We hit the Levee, a sweet bar with board games and veggie sloppy joes. Every place is freakin expensive. Bedford Ave seems great though.

The job hunt is not going so well. Electrical Engineering jobs are few and far between in the city. I'm looking into private tutoring or sound jobs for bars. Eking out an existence to pay rent and earn enough for some black beans and rice.

Our basement is great. It's very cozy. I enjoy living here, despite the mouse and rumors of cockroaches, and the 3 foot hole (no joke!) under our bathroom sink. In case we need to store a dead body or something. If one of us goes missing, you know where to find us.

Anyway, it's time to bike Manhattan. Brooklyn is a joke. If you can bike State College, you can bike Brooklyn. This is serious though. I should probably think about health insurance.


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