Thursday, September 3, 2009


We got a few new chips in the mail here at DBA. One of them is the CD4017BE decade counter sequencer chip. Using this with one 555 timer as the clock, and one 555 timer as a voltage controlled oscillator, we can produce a simple oscillator:

I can't wait to get this thing into an enclosure.

On a separate note, the band True Womanhood has been recording an album, and played a pretty awesome show at Death By Audio last weekend. Opening for them were the equally amazing French Miami.

But I think the band that put on the biggest spectacle was Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

I know it's pretty dark. If you go over to Brooklyn Vegan (I'm returning the favor), you can see some more pictures of their performance. For costumes and dancing, great. For music, pretty blah. Interesting show to watch though.

More shows and effects to come!

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