Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer in the City - Free David Byrne Show

This past Monday signaled the beginning of summer in Brooklyn. Or at least a kickoff of free concerts in outdoor venues. Instead of getting together with Alex and Chak and finally playing some music (something that has been getting postponed a few times a week this month), I decided to join the rest of Williamsburg in the mass bike commute to Prospect Park.

I arrived with my roommate Alex and his girlfriend Dorothy an hour before Byrne was slated to go on. We found a line that stretched practically the length of the park, complete with barbecues, picnics, and a softball game. We opted for the much more appealing plan of getting beers and sitting in a field and listening to the concert from afar.

Since I really have only listened to Remain In Light out of any of David Byrne's music, I really just wanted to relax and enjoy the show, even though I couldn't see it.

I got to see my old friend Brooks, who I hadn't seen in a while, and hear a few Talking Heads tracks while I was closer to the stage. I love David Byrne because he combines my three favorite pastimes: biking, music, and interpretive dance:

On my way out of the park, I noticed a Transportation Alternatives tent with bike parking. Since Byrne designed bike racks around New York and is a huge cycling enthusiast, I'm really not surprised. Even BikeSnobNYC was there, albeit by mistake.

I met up with Chak afterwards for a drunken good time at Barbes in Park Slope, followed by a long, wobbly bike ride home. Summer is great.

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