Friday, June 5, 2009

June Arrives in Rain Torrents

My last weekend in May was spent in State College, catching up with a few people, sitting on the Old Main lawn, checking out the gutted Hookah Lounge, and slaughtering a rooster with Shafni and grilling it at my old house. Roosters run for a much longer time with their heads cut off than I thought.

I got back to New York with a slight sinus infection, and in the midst of torrential rainstorms. Most of my nights have been spent inside, working on the shelves in my room or listening to music. Drew, Nate, and Bill are involved in a project back in Wilkes-Barre. I'm sure this is going to be fantastic. All these guys are really talented. I've been listening to some of Bill's old music, and some of this stuff is brilliant. His myspace page has a few songs that are amazing, and everyone should at least check him out. I'm really excited to hear their recorded stuff.

Speaking of outstanding people, I met Bladie Flowness at the store last week. Bladie hangs out in Central Park, mostly teaching in-line skate dancing. He can actually be seen in the movie The Visitor dancing in central park. He also happens to own a few 9-foot tall bicycles that my boss has outfitted with electric drive motors.

Bladie is a PHD candidate in psychology, a musician, a dancer, and a revolutionary. He has written a series of letters to President Obama outlining his idea of changing the world. Barack and Michelle both "wrote" back, thanking him for his passionate devotion. In any case, Bladie's flamboyant attitude and undying optimism bring a smile to my face whenever I see him. You can see Bladie in this video of Funky Rhythm Roller Skating:

On one last note, I picked up a random Moondog album the other night and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. The Viking of Sixth Avenue is avant-garde jazz based on percussion. I have a soft spot for percussive albums and I was not disappointed.

This following track is my favorite song by him, "The Bird's Lament"

Oh, and apparently my blog was quoted in Brooklyn Vegan. I don't know how I feel about that, but apparently this is a bit more public than I imagined. A band was practicing here and asked me, "Are you the blogger?" I suppose I am. Although I'd much rather be known as something else...

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