Thursday, March 5, 2009

Esperanto Cafe, AudioFanZine, and Other Great Things About New York

After yesterday's depressing article on unemployment, I want to dish out the optimism for a change.

Esperanto Cafe, located at 114 MacDougal St. in the West Village is one of my favorite 24-hour coffee joints I've been to so far. Lots of great coffee and tea, paninis, bagels, vegan cakes and pastries, this place has it all. It's a great place for reading or working. There's no wi-fi, but if you bring an ethernet cable, you can hardwire into the wall. The tables are quite small, so it's not a restaurant experience, but if you need to stop somewhere and grab a coffee or tea, I highly recommend it. Another selling point: There is a phone booth against the wall with the ethernet jacks. Inside on a shelf? A copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Today I am going to apply to Trader Joe's, and will most likely get hired. This is fine by me. I'm determined to stay in New York, and if working in a grocery store for now is my only option, then so be it. Trader Joe's has a great organic selection and a high quality standard. I am also a big fan of the local Freegan lifestyle, which consistently plunders Trader Joe's for their less than perfect produce. This may be a better job than I originally thought.

On another note, I am on the writing staff for, an online community for musical equipment and technology. I'm going to be flushing out my technical writing paper on 1-Bit Sigma-Delta encoding for the first article, followed by some more technical papers on DSP, acoustics, and Pulse Code Modulation. Finally, I can put my engineering and writing skills to a good use.

Last, I have a meeting with SIA Acoustics on Monday. I hear unpaid internships are the new entry-level position. You know, similar to how cheap is the new chic. Finally, a place to apply my knowledge of engineering, acoustics, recording, and live sound. All together at last! I doubt they will hire me right there, but maybe they'll let me sit and watch them for a few weeks and refer me to another unpaid internship. I don't expect this industry to be easy.

Oh yeah, on a completely unrelated note. My favorite web comic for the last few years, and until I find something better, is Intelligent, kinda nerdy, a bit romantic, and sometimes philosophical. This one has it all. Lately, I've been a fan of another comic, however. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is spontaneous, hilarious, and sometimes wrong on all sorts of levels. I want to post one from this week that I feel is pretty relevant to a recent blog entry I had:

(click to enlarge)

Alright kids, hang in there. Summer is right around the corner. That's what the old man with no teeth at the Mars Bar told me the other night. "Fuck groundhogs, I can feel summer coming!" In this post-snowfall New York day, it is a glorious 35 degrees and I'm getting a job today. The 3rd Ward has some great stuff going on this weekend, and I might get some visitors from Penn State.

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