Friday, April 3, 2009

My New Job

It's true, I'm finally working. 5 days a week (to start) at NYCe Wheels, a specialty bike shop that sells folding and electric bikes. Although I've never really gotten into this type of riding, I've got to admit the bikes are pretty cool.

Brompton, one of our folding bike brands, is so light and compact that I can't help but post this video, for the sheer convenience of the thing:

The folding bikes are great for New York, a city where everyone wants to save as much space as possibly while simultaneously saving the environment.

The electric bikes are pretty sweet too. Our biggest clients are Chinese delivery guys, who pay over $1500 cash to take an electric bike on the job. They cover it in cardboard and duct tape, which I suppose makes it look flimsy or cheap, but in reality they are pretty powerful.

My boss is a great small businessman from Austria. Knows all about conserving energy and good business plans, and is very tech-savvy. Our website is pretty high-tech. He also chided me for not commuting to work, so I started riding the 10 mile commute to and from work:

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Needless to say, I'll be in the best shape of my life by summer. How the tables have turned!

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